The Forestry Expo harvesting site, Upper Howcleuch North Forest is a privately owned forest of some 358ha, managed by Fountains Forestry UK Ltd on behalf of a private investment client.

The forest has been in single ownership since establishment in the early 1970’s, and has a primary objective for the production of commercial conifer timber supplying the sawlog, chip and biomass markets.

The forest is managed under an approved Long Term Forest Plan with the current felling works forming part of phase 2 of the operational plan. The forest is compliant to UKWAS standards and certified as part of Fountain Forestry’s resource Management group, with all restructuring in line with UK Forest Standard.

The restructuring of the current harvesting site will incorporate secondary conifer, broadleaves adjacent to the riparian zones and additional open ground, to promote resilience, and improve bio-diversity.

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